3 Things you need when Birding


Starting my Tweetspeak cluster, I did not have much birding experience at all. I knew a few bird names, but this wouldn’t really help me when going birding. In our first class, Dr. Duerr told us that there are three essential tools that we would need when birding. First off, without binoculars birding can be quite challenging. Often you hear birds, but can’t spot them. As a result, binoculars are extremely useful in chasing down those birds. Second, having a Field Guide is extremely useful. For me, this means looking at the bird images in the Guide, then matching these images as well as other details up with the birds I see outside. Our Tweetspeak cluster specifically uses the book “The Sibley Field Guide To Birds of Eastern North America.” Finally, having a Field Journal can help you to keep track of all the birds you see. This way you can compare your counts and remember which locations you can find which birds.


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