Bird’s Eye View Birding

This last weekend was the Great Backyard Bird Count. Even with the frigid 5 degree weather and heavy snow fall we had the nights before, Sunday morning I decided to venture off into the woods to find some birds.

Despite the long trek out to the trail south of Brittain Lake, I wasn’t going to let a little snow stop me from having an awesome birding experience. Once on the trail, I was hoping that I might see some birds, but somehow I just couldn’t see any. So, I thought, “what if I try something different and see if I can spot birds from higher up?”

As a kid, I’d always climb trees in my neighborhood and you really can see a lot from up high. Despite how crazy it sounds to climb a tree during winter, I decided to do it anyways. You never know what you might see or hear from up in a tree.

Eventually, I found a somewhat easy tree to climb. Given that it was a fallen tree, I had a much easier time climbing up than if I had tried to climb a tree with less leverage. I definitely learned that you need to brush off the snow first because it can be slippery.

True to my theory, I was able to see much more from up in the tree. Not only did I have a broader viewing range, but I could also figure out more easily where certain bird sounds were coming from.


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