An Amazingly Adventurous day at the Aviary

On February 23rd, 2016 our Tweetspeak cluster visited the Pittsburg National Aviary. I had never been to an aviary before so I didn’t quite know what to expect. But before we even stepped into the building, I was thrown back in surprise when I saw this immense bird, the Andean Condor. Wow!!!

Our visit was full of amazing surprises: birds with strange beaks, the booming vocals of the Kookaburra, behind the scene visits, birds flying right over my head, and exhibit walk-throughs.

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While I didn’t have to take all of this in at once, it was still quite the experience. The educational value of this visit was definitely noteworthy, especially as we participated in a bird show that taught us about birds and the concervation efforts important to their survival.

The American Flamingo

I probably spent a good 40 minutes having fun observing my favorite bird from the Aviary that day, the American Flamingo. I just had never seen one up close before. I couldn’t help but ask all those dying questions, like “why does it stand on one leg?” or “why is it pink?” and “why does its beak look so strange?” All of these questions, I of course got my answers to. The first answer is for rest, the second is because of their diet of shrimp, and the third is because the beak specializes in filtering mud from water when they look for food underwater.

Fortunately, there was so much more to learn. Check out the video below to learn more about Flamingos and what it was like to visit the Pittsburg National Aviary.



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